STEM Education – Educational Robotics

The use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) tools has been proven useful for both teachers and students in many learning contexts. They have been widely used in fields closely related among others to programming, automation and robotics.

We propose a new low cost educational framework oriented in the needs of elementary and secondary education. The proposed system is based on open tools and low cost devices. The core of the system is based on the popular arduino micro controller, a low cost device supported by a large community. The overall system was designed and developed, in providing an expandable, modular system of low complexity suitable for students with no or low prior knowledge in subjects related, among others, to programming, embedded devices, sensors and actuator, robotics etc. Our scope was to provide a system with small learning curve, therefore the students will be able in small amount of time to perform simple, yet appealing tasks which will boost there self-confidence and simultaneously provide a system with several capabilities which may be adopted in different kind of projects.

The proposed system has been tested in realistic conditions in an elementary school and preliminary results are encouraging.

More details are coming soon…

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